Meredith Video Network

Network GUI designed by Scott Cimock at TwoPointo.  Applied to 10 properties on initial launch.

The Incremental Revenue Business Model for the Meredith Plus Video Network is powered by CreatorCloud. The easily scalable Cloud-based Network of Owned an Operated Brand sites repurposes shelved content for the Publishing Behemoth and generated over 7 Million Dollars in incremental revenue during it’s first 2 quarters in 2012.

Family Circle  – GUI Key Frame Examples:

Better Homes & Gardens – GUI Key Frame Examples:

Home Page as displayed on i-pad.

Player Page Key Frames

Fitness Magazine – GUI Key Frame Examples:

Digs – Youtube Branded Content Channel 

Meredith was selected to take part in Youtube’s Original Content Initiative in 2012. Scott Cimock worked with the team at Meredith to design and develop the branding and user GUI for the New Brand Channel called “DIGS”.   The Brand and it’s content live both on the Youtube branded channel and the Meredith Video Network looping users into the network via the youtube channel.

Mary Kay  – Branded Content Channel

The ’œMeredith Select’ Initiative produced original branded content for Advertisers and delivered a “Brand Channel” (full site using the network GUI templates) on the MVN. The Mary Kay channel on the MVN was selected as the DSA Digital Awards Winner in the Online Advertising Category in 2012.


Other Projects:
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