Pixar’s Renderman

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Today Pixar’s RenderMan is the gold standard for the VFX industry, used everywhere by studios large and small to create outstanding graphics for feature films and broadcast television. Pixar’s RenderMan has been used on every Visual Effects Academy Award Winner of the past 15 years, and 49 out of the last 53 nominees for Visual Effects have chosen Pixar’s RenderMan to produce the highest quality special effects possible. In fact, the developers of RenderMan have received their share of awards over the years.

Website GUI Designed and built in collaboration with Pixar and the team at TwoPointo Inc.

An integral part of the Renderman website is the e-learning and community knowledge-sharing capacity of the system. The Renderman University section of the site contains thousands of pages of Fundamentals, How To’s, Production Examples and a Library including Scripting References, Literature and General References all powered by CreatorCloud.


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