Road Rage


Project: Road Rage – The new high-end brand of the automotive universe.  E-commerce Internet Guru Tom Gonzales has a vision for a new brand. Tom Commissioned Scott Cimock and Thrust Design Group to develop the corporate identity for the brand. The Double “R” mark ironically “flips” the meaning of the colloquial term “Road Rage’ by emulating the feeling of the iconic “Peace” symbol. In fact Tom’s big idea is to change the general notion of the term “Road Rage”and have it become synonomous with the Brand “Road Rage” celebrating all great things auto… things that are “All the Rage” in the expansive automotive world. The project will include a robust online platform – “The Facebook of the Automotive World”, a Fashion Brand, a Virtual and Real life museum with traveling “Pop-up” exhibitions, a Broadcast Media Channel and more.  View full development here >

Click here to see excerpts from the initial development. View Teaser Site Now.


View More of the Project’s Initial Development Here >

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