Savana / One Love


Project: While producing a series of Vargas Replica images for Vivid Entertainment (Click here to View Vargas Project) I had an idea for an intricate compositing image for Savana Samson. We explained the concept to her and asked her to stay for an extra hour at the end of the shoot day. The extra hour of shooting provided me with hundreds of shots to sift through and solve the puzzle I had in my brain. See development below. We also were experimenting with a new code used on the Webby Award winning site for Steven Sebring and used the final image as a testing ground (click here to view test site)

View Enlargement
Over 500 shots taken.  14 different shots were selected and intertwined to create the seamless image above. The “bed of hair” was patched together in photoshop utilizing the 4 wig images below to the right.

savanna-raw elements

View Before and After Enlargement

View Detail Close-ups


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